Bird Air, the ride-sharing scooter operator, has once again launched a personal electric scooter, Bird Air.

Bird has launched bird Air, an electric scooter for the consumer market, priced at $599, 25km/h and has a range of 25km/h, which is comparable in price and parameters to most of its peers on the market.

This isn’t Bird’s first personal-consumption electric scooter, and in the middle of last year Bird launched a Bird One model for $1,299.

Since the outbreak, the shared skateboarding industry has slumped, with most ride-sharing companies withdrawing cars from the streets and Bird and Lime laying off workers on a massive scale, and in recent months, as outbreaks in some countries have eased and the industry has recovered, people have tended to look for safer ways to travel, allowing emerging vehicles such as bicycles and electric scooters to explode. Figures show that since the outbreak, the average length of time travelled by electric scooters has increased by 34 per cent and the distance travelled has increased by 18 per cent.



We have predicted in the past two years that the rise of shared skateboarding has done a good job of educating the short-haul market, fostering user habits, and promoting changes in laws and regulations in some countries to legalize such tools. After getting used to sharing skateboarding, it is bound to stimulate the demand of individuals, thus stimulating the growth of the personal consumption market. The outbreak in recent years, although short-lived, but from another perspective, but also to stimulate the demand for “personal” travel tools.


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Post time: Oct-19-2020