Correct use of electric bicycle

How to use electric bicycle correctly. What is the correct way to use the electric bicycle? An electric bicycle in good condition, which is operated correctly, is very important for the normal exertion of various functions of the electric bicycle and ensuring the service life of the motor and battery.

Don’t let people who can’t ride bicycles use it, so as to avoid falling and collision and damage, and don’t overload heavy objects and carry people, so as to avoid excessive power consumption or traffic accidents.

Before each use, check whether the performance is good, especially the brake performance. The brake shoes should not contact with oil to avoid brake failure.

When driving, the phenomenon of tightening the speed control handle after braking should be avoided. When getting off the bus and stopping, turn off the power switch.

The main points of daily use can be summarized as: “good maintenance, more assistance, and frequent charging”.

Good maintenance: don’t cause accidental damage to the electric bicycle. For example, don’t let accumulated water flood the motor center and controller. When starting, you must open the lock and close the switch immediately after getting off the bus. Usually, the tires should be fully inflated. In summer, you should avoid long-term sun exposure and storage in high humidity and corrosive environment. The brakes should be moderately tight.

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Multi-assistance: the ideal use method is “people help cars move, electricity helps people move, and manpower and electricity are linked”, which saves labor and electricity. Becausethe mileage is related to the vehicle weight, road condition, starting times, braking times, wind direction, wind speed, air temperature and tire pressure, you should ride with your feet first, twist the speed control handle during riding, and use your feet to help you get on the bridge, go uphill, go against the wind and drive under heavy load, so as to avoid impact damage to the battery, which will affect the continuous mileage and service life of the battery.

Recharge frequently: It is right to charge the battery frequently, which basically means charging after riding every day, but there is a problem here, if your battery can run 30 kilometers, charging it after running 5 kilometers or 10 kilometers, it may not be good for the battery. Because when the battery is fully charged, there will definitely be gas overflow, and this gas is generated by the decomposition of water in the electrolyte, so water loss will occur. Frequent charging will increase the number of water loss of the battery, and the battery will soon enter the failure period. Therefore, if you don’t ride an electric car the next day, you’d better fully charge it. However, after riding for 5 km or 10 km, the next day’s distance is enough to run. It’s better to wait until the next day’s ride before recharging, so that the water loss of the battery will be reduced and the battery life will be prolonged. In addition, for some batteries that can run for about 30 kilometers, but ride for about 7 or 8 kilometers every day, it is best not to wait for the battery to fully ride on the third or fourth day before recharging, but to recharge when the battery charge is less than half, because the battery is easy to be vulcanized when it is stored when the battery charge is insufficient.

In addition, every month, it is best to ride the battery once, that is, ride the battery to undervoltage, discharge it deeply once, and then charge the battery, which can also prolong the service life of the battery. The battery of electric vehicles is often used, and its service life will be relatively longer. That is to say, the battery is not afraid that you will use it every day, but that you will not use it for a long time.

It is safe to use electric bicycle in a correct way, and a correct use method plays a key role in the service life of motor and battery.

Post time: Sep-15-2020