Do you need a driver’s license for an electric motorcycle

If necessary, electric motorcycles are divided into electric mopeds and electric motorcycles. Electric motorcycles belong to motor vehicles. Driving these two kinds of electric vehicles requires a motorcycle driver’s license.

1. The standard of the new national standard electric vehicle is that the speed is ≤ 25km / h, the weight is ≤ 55kg, the motor power is ≤ 400W, the battery voltage is ≤ 48V, and the foot pedal function is installed. Such electric vehicles belong to the category of non motor vehicles and do not need a driver’s license.
2. Electric vehicles are divided into three categories: electric bicycles, electric mopeds and electric motorcycles. Driving an electric moped requires an F license (D and e licenses, and the permitted models also include electric mopeds). Driving an electric motorcycle requires an ordinary motorcycle driver’s license e (d driver’s license, and the permitted models also include electric motorcycles).
3. There are three types of motorcycle driver’s license: D, e and F. class D driver’s license is suitable for all types of motorcycles. Class E driver’s license is not suitable for three wheeled motorcycles. Other types of motorcycles can be driven. Class F driver’s license is only suitable for driving mopeds.
matters needing attention:
1、 When riding an electric vehicle, you should correctly wear a safety helmet, do not fasten a belt or wear the wrong clothes, and your safety is still not guaranteed
2、 When traveling by electric vehicle, refuse to go retrograde, overspeed, overload, run a red light, cross at will, or change lanes suddenly
3、 Don’t ride an electric car to answer and make calls or play with your mobile phone
4、 Illegal loading is strictly prohibited when riding an electric vehicle
5、 When riding an electric vehicle, do not install a hood, wind shield, etc

Electric vehicle is a common vehicle. The structure of this vehicle is very simple. The main components of electric vehicle include frame, motor, battery and controller. The control is a component used to control the circuit of the whole vehicle. The controller is usually fixed under the rear seat. The electric motor is the power source of the electric vehicle. The electric motor can drive the electric vehicle forward. The battery is a part of the electric vehicle used to store electric energy. The battery can supply power to the electronic equipment of the whole vehicle. If there is no battery, the electric car will not work normally.

Post time: May-31-2022