Hidden under the seat of a car lock, this lock feels that the thief can do nothing

At any one time, cyclists or e-bikes will have to worry about the theft of their cars, e-bikes equipped with smart electronic locks sometimes do not solve the problem, external locks carry and very difficult.
The team from Brooklyn designed the seatylock, which fuses the locks into the seats.

Seatylock folds and holds in specially designed car seats. Once the seat is drawn out, unscrew the latch with the key and you can unscrew it into a 1-meter-long chain.

This can replace the traditional chain lock, can lock the body itself, can also be locked in the roadside pillars and other places.

And this chain is made of high-strength steel, in the production process after a lot of destructive testing, the general tool can not destroy it.


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Post time: Mar-15-2021