How about electric bicycles Detailed explanation of electric bicycle selection

How to choose an electric bicycle:

1. Choose the brand. Pay attention to choosing well-known brands, quality and after-sales service are guaranteed.

2. Pick a car model. The safety and performance of different models vary greatly. It is recommended to choose a simple and portable type.

3. Look at the appearance. Pay attention to the surface smoothness and gloss, and pay attention to the quality of welding, painting and electroplating.

4. Find the feeling. Carry out a trial ride, feel whether the vehicle is starting, accelerating, and driving smoothly, whether the vehicle is operating comfortably, and check the brake tightness, handlebar flexibility, and wheel mobility.

5. Check the procedures. Check whether the production license, instruction manual, and certificate are valid and complete, and check whether the accessories are complete. Pay special attention to whether it is a locally approved vehicle.

6. Look at the configuration. Whether related important components, such as batteries, motors, chargers, controllers, tires, brake levers, etc., are branded products. The motor is best to choose brushless.

The above is an introduction to the content of electric bicycles. Interested friends can pay attention to it.


Post time: Oct-13-2020