NPC deputy Zhang Tianren: encourage high-quality development of electric motorcycle industry

Source: electric vehicle network
Under the background of “double carbon”, electric two wheeled vehicles, including electric motorcycles, are highly praised by many countries as a low-carbon and environment-friendly way of travel. Relevant industry data show that as the world’s largest producer of electric two wheeled vehicles, China’s output of two wheeled electric vehicles has exceeded 50 million in 2021, and the production and sales volume of the whole industry shows a rapid growth trend. This data is expected to continue to rise in 2022.

During the two sessions this year, Zhang Tianren, deputy to the National People’s Congress and chairman of Tianneng holding group, submitted the “suggestions on encouraging the high-quality development of the electric motorcycle industry and better meeting the green travel of the people”, believing that the electric motorcycle is a convenient and beneficial means of transportation and an organic part of China’s green energy transportation system, It is of great significance to build a green and diversified travel system for urban transportation, practice a green lifestyle and help achieve the goal of “double carbon”.

He suggested that electric motorcycles should be subject to classified management, and the restrictions and bans on electric motorcycles should be gradually liberalized; Support innovation and development and encourage enterprises to become bigger and stronger; Strengthen safety management and formulate punishment management system

In recent years, with the continuous advancement of urbanization and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, the number of urban population and fuel vehicles has increased sharply, and the problems of traffic congestion and urban environmental pollution have become more and more prominent. Electric two wheeled vehicles have become an important means of transportation for people’s short-distance travel with the characteristics of green environmental protection, convenience and economy. Among them, electric motorcycles integrate the characteristics of electric bicycles and fuel vehicles, with higher traffic efficiency and less road resources. They are more in line with the development trend of miniaturization, lightweight, electrification and intellectualization of motor vehicles, and have great industrial development potential.

Zhang Tianren believes that the high-quality development of the electric motorcycle industry plays a positive role in promoting diversified green travel, alleviating traffic pressure and meeting the needs of people for a better life. At the same time, it can also meet the booming needs of residents’ commuting and logistics industry.

At present, there are 12 million takeout delivery and express workers in China. Based on 40 trips a day, with an average of 3 kilometers per trip, they need to ride 120 kilometers a day. Electric motorcycles can meet the travel requirements of more than 100 kilometers a day, while electric bicycles that meet the requirements of the new national standard are only 40 kilometers. Compared with electric bicycles with a maximum speed of no more than 25km / h and a total vehicle weight of no more than 55kg, electric motorcycles have faster speed, more load, longer range and more power, which can better meet the needs of “little brothers” in the takeout and logistics industries.
Zhang Tianren also believes that the high-quality development of the electric motorcycle industry can effectively stimulate economic growth and create employment. Electric motorcycles are composed of batteries, motors, controllers, frames and other accessories. The industrial chain involves parts production, vehicle manufacturing and product sales. The long industrial chain and wide range of radiation contribute to stabilizing and stimulating economic growth, creating jobs and contributing to tax revenue. Zhang Tianren pointed out that in 2021, the total sales of electric two wheeled vehicles in China reached 50 million, and the sales of electric motorcycles accounted for about 40%, reaching 20 million, with an output value of more than 50 billion yuan, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs directly and indirectly.

Although electric motorcycles, as traffic vehicles, have many advantages and have played a positive role, at present, there are still more than 200 cities that prohibit and restrict motorcycles in China. Although electric motorcycles have been given the “legal identity” of production, manufacturing and sales, they have not realized the “legalization on the road”, which has greatly restrained the technological progress of the electric motorcycle industry Industrial upgrading and structural optimization have had a great impact on the development of electric motorcycle industry.

In order to further open up the policy blocking points and promote the high-quality development of the electric motorcycle industry, Zhang Tianren suggested that classified management should be implemented and the ban and restriction of electric motorcycles should be gradually liberalized. Strengthen road traffic management, classify and manage fuel motorcycles and electric motorcycles, gradually liberalize the right of way, give priority to restoring the normal traffic of electric motorcycles in cities and sections where motorcycles are prohibited and restricted on the premise of total amount planning and control, formulate traffic management measures related to electric motorcycles according to the actual work and life scenes of ordinary people, and build a diversified urban traffic system, Relieve urban traffic pressure.

He also suggested that local governments with industrial advantages formulate and issue industrial support policies to encourage electric motorcycles and upstream and downstream related enterprises to strengthen R & D in the direction of environmental protection, energy conservation, electrification and intelligence, carry out technological innovation and improve product quality; Encourage enterprises to carry out merger, reorganization and listing, improve industrial concentration, cultivate backbone enterprises with strong resource integration ability and scientific research and innovation ability, and form industrial clusters with radiation and leading power.
In addition, he also suggested strengthening the long-term management of electric motorcycle road traffic safety and strengthening the road safety education and training of consumers; Increase the process management and assessment of the safety and operation of electric motorcycles, and manage the personnel who violate the rules according to the vehicle deduction system.

Zhang Tianren said that under the favorable environment at home and abroad, China’s electric two wheeled vehicle industry has shifted from high-speed development to high-quality development, and contributed Chinese wisdom to the global carbon peak and carbon neutralization goals with a more high attitude. The electric motorcycle industry must keep up with the pace of development, and make the electric motorcycle travel and enable the people to live a better life through intelligent upgrading and standardized development.

Post time: May-31-2022