Safety concerns U.S. city councillors propose to ban electric scooters

According to the American Overseas Chinese Daily News, whether you like it or not, electric scooters are already all over Southern California. Because of the rapid increase in its number, its popularity has also increased. However, the traffic regulations for electric scooters running on city streets are different from city to city. Los Angeles City Councillors proposed to ban electric scooters in the city.

    According to reports, the influx of electric scooters caught various cities off guard, and various cities are speeding up the formulation of relevant regulations, but Culver City and Long Beach have different approaches.

    Culver City has set up a six-month trial period. The city is cooperating with BIRD to control the number of scooters in the city. Culver City stipulates that the city can only accommodate up to 175 scooters. Treadmills must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license, and wear a helmet when riding, away from the sidewalk.

    Eric Hatfield chose to walk through the city on an electric scooter. “I think it’s safer to walk on the sidewalk, but if I’m a pedestrian, I’m likely to feel unsafe when I see an oncoming car.” He said, “It seems that they need a dedicated bicycle lane. I think what they advocate is that you should try to use bicycle lanes wherever you are.”

    Culver City officials believe that electric scooters are good for helping the public move between stations.

    Chang Causeway City also announced the trial period. Mayor Robert Garcia posted on the Internet last week, “We should welcome and try new modes of transportation. These scooters can and will provide incredible ways to travel for many people. I hope during the trial period. We can get good results”.

    However, Los Angeles City Councillor Paul Koretz proposed to ban the use of these scooters.

    On July 31, Corritz stated that these scooters rented via mobile apps should be banned before the city of Los Angeles issues licenses to companies that provide services.

    Keritz also expressed concern about the safety and placement of the scooter. In addition, he is also worried that the city government will be held responsible if there is a traffic accident. Cretz is looking for ways to manage scooters and enforce regulations. Before that, he hoped that the scooter would not be put into use.

    Last week, Beverly Hills (Beverly Hills) just passed a proposal to ban electric scooters for six months in order to formulate and introduce relevant management regulations during this period.

Post time: Dec-31-2020